Unleash the grip of back and neck pain.

Boost wellness and productivity.

Look and feel more vibrant and confident.


Individual sessions promote health. Corporate Wellness Programs
improve employee job satisfaction.

When we find quiet and ease in the body, we find freedom from pain and anxiety.

Address chronic back pain, neck pain, migraines, balance problems, and the anxiety that accompanies chronic pain.

Find freedom from pain, stress, tension and poor posture. Practice The Alexander Technique! It’s a scientifically proven method of self-care that has helped countless people worldwide improve balance, poise and well-being.

Contact Sara at
804.389.3340 to learn more.


“Sara is a gifted practitioner and teacher to the Alexander Technique. Through her expertise, I have become aware of how to hold my body and how to make certain moves for greater well-being. Sara’s gracefulness, gentleness and teaching style make the sessions so enjoyable.”

– Alix Miller of Avancer Coaching

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About Sara


When Sara suffered cervical disk problems in 2003 and was faced with the foreboding diagnosis of degenerative disk disease, she sought alternative …

The Alexander Technique


It is also a powerful tool for musicians, actors, athletes and anyone who seeks to enhance their talent performance and presence. appropriate for patients with a myriad of …

Corporate Programs


Benefits to Employers:
Enhanced workplace wellness,
Improved productivity,
Lower health insurance costs from …